Patron Saints of Moms

Patron Saints of Moms

We received a great response to our offer to send out a free Saint Patrick's Day medal. He is on his way; if you have not received yours yet, be sure to check your mail today and tomorrow. This time, we're offering a free soon-to-be Saint Mother Teresa medal to any retailer who responds, asks for one, and provides their address in their response ( to make it really easy ).

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We are Busy Getting Ready for Easter and Mothers' Day!

This is our time for painting lots of Saint Ann and Saint Gerard medals, two of our most popular patron saints of Moms. We are also almost up-to-date with our stock of nearly all of the 200 + medals in our current inventory.


If you'd like to see a sample photo of some of our retail store displays, just text rob at 504.239.3143 and we will get a sample photo to you. Also, if you can send us a photo of your SaintsforSinners medals displays, we'll add it to a future newsletter. Remember though, each store is different, and so are our displays. What works for one retailer might not be the best fit for another. Let us know how to accommodate you. We Stand By our Products!

Thanks, and remember, "the Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying." - Robert Louis Stevenson

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