Saint Patrick Special Deal

Saint Patrick Special Deal


We are sending out a short note to our favorite retailers to offer a free Saint Patrick's Day medal to any retailer who replies and sends their address. We will mail out a Saint Patrick medal without delay.

Also, we have remixed, remade, and remodeled the website. Please take a look and offer any suggestions you may have. We have new display trays holding 28 medals - you can visit the retailers page to order the displays and, as always, you can customize the tray of saints to uniquely fit your customer base.

Here's how to see the "Special Deal" on the web site.... ( It's a secret passageway to get to the Wholesalers page! )

Just click on the word "the" in our text in the sentence that includes " keep folks in the store " to see the retail wholesale prices. We are offering the "discount" to any retailer who replies to this offer, regardless of whether you are already selling SaintsforSinners brand or are just joining us now.  The offer expires on March 5, 2016.

That's all for now - we hope you are doing well - please contact Melanie at 504.214.2505 during regular business hours if you have questions or call rob @ 504.239.3143 any time.

Thanks, and remember,

" The saints are the sinners who keep on trying."

Robert Louis Stevenson

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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