Easter 2020 Blog, News, Fun Easter Deliveries, Saintly Additions and Testimonials

Easter 2020 Blog, News, Fun Easter Deliveries, Saintly Additions and Testimonials

Hi Everyone - 

     Holy Thursday is upon us and then soon we will be participating in Good Friday and then celebrating Easter Sunday and the Resurrection.

     On Good Friday, folks in New Orleans typically have delicious  boiled crawfish, with corn, potatoes, garlic, mushrooms, onions, green beans, oranges, asparagus, brussel sprouts and sometimes artichokes, if you get lucky!


     As for Easter Sunday Celebrations - we are offering free delivery of our saint medal packages to certain areas AND providing Porch Pick Up at the SaintsforSinners Headquarters and Studio. We might even take you on a Tour of the SaintsforSinners Studio when you drop by to pick up your saint medal packages.


     Hand-Painted Saint Medal Package Delivery to ZIP CODES 70124, 70005, and 70119 is now available – place your order and give us your information about delivery so we can get the medals to you or your friends and family before Easter Sunday.

     Hand-Painted Saint Medal Package Pick-Up from the SaintsforSinners"Factory":  – well, if you would like to drive here from California to pick up a medal package you can, but you better start driving now; it’s a 3 day trip! Locals can arrange to pick up their orders by letting us know when they would like to come by. We will have your packages ready. 


     We put a new testimonial up on the Testimonials page - it's from Patricia in Brooklyn! Thank you, Patricia! 

     Many more stories are coming BUT we already added new saint Stories to the website:

  • Pope Francis (The "People's Pope" & Catholic Renaissance)


     ESPN Tuesday Night – One of our signs was on TV again! ESPN replayed the New Orleans Saints v. Atlanta Falcons game from 2006. It was the Saints “Return to the Superdome” after Hurricane Katrina nearly destroyed our great city. New Orleans Saint Safety Steve Gleason blocked the famous kick and a statue has the moment memorialized in Champions Square at the Superdome. After the flood, just like all the saints, living and dead, the New Orleans area came back and recovered and now we are doing better than ever.


   The Italian slogan "Andra Tutto Bene" (Everything will be Fine) has gone viral as Italy deals with Europe’s Worst Covid-19 Outbreak. Nationally, Americans have copied the idea and you will see lots of people have put drawings on their windows in an effort to show solidarity with Italy and the rest of the world. Why don't you put a comforting drawing in your window today? Everything really will be fine.

     Locally, Janna & Tim, the couple who create and design socks at Bonfolk are offering rainbow flag socks, shown below. Bonfolk is known for donating lots of their socks to local charities. As a special deal, Janna and Tim from Bonfolk are offering their rainbow socks. Use the code STAYHOME at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase. Actually, the offer is good for all of their socks on their Bonfolk website. We are lucky to have Janna and Tim as our new neighbors! Actually, those socks pictured below are hanging in the window of Janna & Tim's house right now.  


     Thank you to Fran Avery who sent us a beautiful Bible. It’s written in French and is a gem. Thank you Fran!

     We are very, very busy working on the Hand-Painted Crosses and sending them out, all over the country! It's exciting to be sharing the repurposed medals on the crosses. Those sale prices previously listed on the website are still in effect until Easter Sunday. 

     Finally, we would like to offer you a happy Holy Thursday. I guess we will all have to wash our own feet this year. Also, enjoy your Good Friday celebration and think of us eating crawfish and finally, on Sunday, Happy Easter, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus.

Thanks for reading to the bottom line!

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