Hello Everyone! Here’s Another Newsletter for You! Woo Hoo!

Hello Everyone! Here’s Another Newsletter for You! Woo Hoo!

Hello Everyone! Here’s Another Newsletter for You! Woo Hoo!


     We are adding more saint stories. We didn’t realize so many were missing… thank you for noticing and letting us know– they are going up today and for the next week they will keep going up as fast we can add them – plus, we are writing more.


    We realized we have not written a story about Pope Francis yet. So, we will write the Story of Pope Francis next. Sorry about that, Pope Francis.


     Some kids use our stories in their book reports in school! That’s pretty cool.


     So, that reminds me of this 11-year-old kid, Nicholas, who wrote me a thank you letter I have framed on my wall. He was writing about Saint Richard of Chichester - we called him the Patron Saint of NASCAR because Saint Richard is the patron saint of farmers and the patron saint of harvesters.



     Little Richard (not the singer) of Chichester used to RACE his CART to market at Harvest Time. So, we thought he was a great saint for NASCAR people because NASCAR drivers really, really need a saint and they race their CARS. Those cars are fast and furious (not the movie)!


     We received another order today for the round Saint Francis of Assisi medals we bought in Assisi. We then thought we were going to have to say they were finally SOLD OUT but Emily found some when she was organizing all the medals. We have a few more but they are being painted so they will not be mailed immediately.


     Emily also found some Chaplets – not the Saint Bernadette Chaplets. Those are SOLD OUT.  She found the Miraculous Medal Chaplets and Daniel has done a spectacular job painting the Miraculous Medal Chaplets. ASIDE: – They are now being painted with royal deep blues because a lady in Washington DC, at Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception (where we sell our hand-painted saint medals) pointed out we were using the “wrong blue” on the Miraculous Medals.

     Technically, this lady is correct, but actually, we are not bound or forbidden from painting the Blessed Virgin Mary in different blues. Just sayin.

     The lady who ordered the round Saint Francis also ordered one of our flood medal crosses – the crosses we make with medals we dug up after the flood OR medals we made mistakes with and could not sell because of our high standards. The basic rule is this: If anyone says the medal is not painted very well or defective for any other reason, we do not sell it. The medal goes into our Misfit Pile.

     So, we do have a lot of medals that do not get to be sold in stores or online. So, we improvise and attach the medals to hand painted crosses and sell them at WhatsNew in the French Quarter and also the Isle of Salvation Botanica on Saint Claude Avenue stores in New Orleans.

     Except we do not sell them in stores now because of COVID19 and the fact that the stores are closed, hopefully very temporarily.

     Sales are slower than usual because we are not delivering medals to stores. We do not make a lot of money from the medals sold in stores BUT the money did help keep our business moving because if the money comes in, then the money can go out and Daniel and Emily and Sharon can get paid.

     We call the wholesale/retail money we collect from stores our “Bread and Butter” money. It’s not a lot but it still matters and is very important. Unfortunately, we are out of bread and butter at this time. Hopefully not for too long though.

     Since we are not selling to retail stores right now, we decided to offer a few new sales.

Saint Martin de Porres & Saint Francis of Assisi or

Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Martin de Porres

     Our Saint Martin de Porres & Saint Francis of Assisi Sale. If you buy Saint Francis of Assisi, we will also send you Saint Martin de Porres. The only reason is because we want to offer a sale and both medals have animals on them, and they are fun saint medals to paint. NOTE: the picture of Saint Martin de Porres that we will send is at the top of this blog.

     We are also lowering the prices on our Flood Medal & Misfit Medal Crosses. Since retail sales are nonexistent right now, we may as well get some of the crosses in the mail. They are very nicely done and unusual. They’re old but they’re new and they are most definitely absolutely all one-of-a-kind!

Private Email List

     We made a new private email list and it has our regular friends and family and customers on that list and we send them private emails every now and then. If you would like to receive our private emails, please email Emily (emily@saintsforsinners.com) and she will contact Sharon and Sharon will add you to our private email list.

     We created the private list because sometimes people unsubscribe and say “I get too many emails from you” as their reason. Which, really, is understandable because the public emails are all on the website anyway!

     That’s all for this Newsletter. If you’re looking for a way to stay up-to-date about COVID19, Dr. Joseph Fair is very informative, and he is a local – he went to Loyola University AND Tulane University. That’s unique in itself. Usually people go to Loyola or Tulane but not both. Joseph Fair got one degree in Biology at Loyola and then he got a PhD at Tulane. Now he is on TV, educating about COVID19! He’s calming.

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