June 5, 2023 Saint Medal Sales and Tales from Avignon, France and its Provencal Villages ⚜️

June 5, 2023  Saint Medal Sales and Tales from Avignon, France and its Provencal Villages ⚜️
 June 5, 2023


Saint Hubert of Liege, patron Saint of hunters, on one side & Saint Rocco, patron saint of dogs and dog lovers on the other.

     We are offering all of our hand-painted Saint Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes medals for $25.00, until Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is June 18th, 2023


     EARLY REMINDER: The Celebration of Fathers, fathers-in-law, Step-Fathers and all other father figures is Sunday, June 18th, 2023. Father’s Day celebrates fathers, especially the man who was Jesus’ father, Saint Joseph the Worker. 

     Joseph was a carpenter and one of his best-known images places Saint Joseph at the workbench with his hammer. We have that image on one of our Saint medals and we also have another image of Saint Joseph holding Baby Jesus, and a little white lily, representing the Trinity (Father, Son and the Holy Spirit).

     For Father’s Day, we are offering all of our Saint Joseph medals at 50 % discount! Use Code FATHERJOE at checkout.

     Keep checking back as we continue to offer our vintage medals and keep you informed about our travels in France, Venasque, Provence, Turin, and Rome. We’ll be offering some free unique gifts to be mailed to you after we return from Turin. We send the gifts by using your SASE’s. But .... we cannot describe what we’re sending yet .... because we don’t know what we will find. We're not sure what we're looking for either but we will know once we find it!

     So, please think of us while we are on our travels this summer. You can also always drop us a note to ask us to look for something. Who knows what or which treasures we will find. Send in your SASE ASAP! 

Thanks for reading to the bottom line.

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