June 9, 2023 From the land of the Shroud of Turin, Italy 🤌

June 9, 2023  From the land of the Shroud of Turin, Italy 🤌
 June 9, 2023


Hello Everyone!

     We visited the museum of the Shroud of Turin, which was a bit underwhelming. Still, seeing the images and portraits and watching the story in their theater was informative. According to tradition, the Shroud is the burial linen Jesus was wrapped after his crucifixion and death. 

     It seems there are some “facts” that might be viewed as dubious, but the story is uplifting and offers faith and hope to true believers, so who’s to say it’s not at least somewhat accurate? 

    We love the story of Saint Veronica carefully soothing Jesus with her cloth, and she is prominent in one of the paintings in the museum. Saint Charles Borromeo, patron of those battling stomach ailments and indigestion was also beautifully rendered in a painting. We will begin painting him as he is in the portrait we saw.

     An obscure point of reference was the fact that the actor Richard Burton, who was sometimes married to the actress Elizabeth Taylor, narrated a movie about the Shroud, “The Mystery of the Sacred Shroud.” Its tagline, shone below, offers the statement about the Shroud, “A divine message … or an elaborate hoax? At last, discover the startling truth.” 

     The film was the winner of the 1978 “Religion in Media Award for Best picture of the Year.” So, it’s fairly easy to conclude Burton’s answer is that the Shroud of Jesus is “a divine message.” Plus, he has a great voice, probably aided by Saint Blaise who likely works with Saint Ambrose working to help us with those stomach ailments and sore throats.

   We’ll be vising a few more basilicas and other saintly places on our European journey. So, stay follow our Instagram (we are hoping to have 1500 followers soon!) and Facebook pages, and our future newsletters for further updates. We found nice souvenirs in Turin at the museum and their local Pauline Books and Media store. Everyone who sends in a SASE will be receiving a gift we will send out on or around June 20th. 

     We sure do appreciate the kind words via notes, texts and emails you send. It’s crazy (and that is the truth) work traveling around and taking pilgrimages to historical places and discussing the saints in offbeat ways. The great fun is in finding little gifts to send to you. It’s almost like you’re with us and joining in on our adventures. Thanks for the encouragement and, as always ….

Thanks for reading to the bottom line!

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