New Website & St. Patrick's Day Offer

New Website & St. Patrick's Day Offer

We finally have a new web site to share! Please take a look, and offer your opinions, because we are not yet done with the re-design and would appreciate the input and suggestions you can offer.

To honor of Saint Patrick's Day, which will be here before too long, we will be sending one of these 3 saint medals to you as an extra gift with each order that comes in prior to Saint Patrick's Day, March 17, 2016. 

Saint Patrick
Saint Bridget ( or "Brigid" )
Saint Kevin of Glendalough,
the "Animal Whisperer "
AND, if you order one of those 3 medals,
 we will send all 3!
Happy Saint Paddy's Day in February!

And finally, we would like to apologize to anyone who has received information from the "company" in Panama, " Prime Fitness Gear." PFG has taken our address and other information and the confusion has caused us to fall a bit behind with our customers who would like to purchase medals or ask questions, etc. Fortunately, we have rectified the situation to a large extent and are nearly 100% up-to-date with completing orders and getting packages in the mail. IF you do hear from Prime Fitness Gear, please forward the information to rob at  

Please DO share your thoughts and input about the new web site!

" Thanks for reading to the bottom line! "

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