Cupid "The Winged Cherub"
Patron of archers
Invoked for romance and for finding true love and desire
Feast Day: February 14

Cupid’s story took place long ago… We do know that Cupid is not really a saint, but then again, neither is Mother Teresa, and we are always happy to offer her medallion! We thought it would be nice to add Cupid to our collection of hand-painted medals. He is said to be the son of the Goddess Venus. Cupid offers love to people with his bow and arrow. If Cupid is near you and he decides he wants you to find love, he simply pierces you with a tiny arrow and then you become mesmerized by someone near you, and Cupid does the same thing to them and the two people fall in love and live “happily ever after.”  Many songs have been written about requited love, using Cupid as the figure who creates and blesses loving unions. He has been depicted in art and literature throughout the centuries. We think the concept of having a figure to bring love into the world seems very saintly indeed! © 2012

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Wear this medal and then
share it with someone you love
Each SfS medal is imported from Italy,
painted by hand in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is
one of a kind original
“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson


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