Saint Apollonia

Saint Apollonia

Patron of dentists, toothaches, teeth, and orthodontists
Feast Day: February 9

Apollonia’s story took place long ago. Apollonia was a Christian born in the 3rd Century. She spent her long life enduring great personal sacrifices, working as a kind caregiver and very charitable person. Since “no good deeds go unpunished,” it came to happen that on a typical day where Apollonia was minding her own business and helping others, she met an angry and hostile mob. This group of hooligans viciously attacked poor Apollonia, who was an elderly woman at the time. They attacked Apollonia because she was a Christian, who held views other than the tormentors. The rogues knocked all of Apollonia’s teeth out. As if this was not enough torture for one day, the mob leader then told Apollonia she would burn at the stake if she did not renounce Christ as her Savior. Apollonia asked for a moment to think their offer over. Her tormentors, thinking Apollonia was about to disavow God, gladly gave her a few moments. But when the time was right she leapt into the fire on her own volition, deciding her own fate. She was martyred in the year 249. Apollonia was more willing to die for Christ than for the cruel pagans who had planned to continue tormenting her until death. She is invoked against toothaches and dental diseases. Pray to Saint Apollonia for comfort during your next dental visit. © 2001

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