Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

Patron of immigrants, orphans, nurses, and teachers
Feast Day: November 13

Frances Cabrini’s story took place long ago. Frances was born in Europe and was orphaned when both of her parents died in the same year. Frances came to America as a missionary and helped form the “Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart.” Her work began in New York where she administered to thousands of Italian immigrants. Soon after, her prototype Foundation was followed throughout the world, including Nicaruaga, Buenos Aires, Chicago and New Orleans, Louisiana, home of Frances Cabrini led a diligent and exemplary life. Her Foundations, including schools and hospitals, are still in existence today. Frances died in 1917 after suffering with malaria in Chicago, Illinois. Her body now rests, incorrupt, in New York City at the Mother Cabrini High School. In 1946, Frances Xavier Cabrini was declared by Pope Pius XII to be the first canonized saint from America, quite a prestigious distinction! Our research indicates that Frances added “Xavier” to her name but we are unable to discover when, where or why this was done. Should any followers of “Mother Cabrini” know more about her decision to add her middle name, Saints for Sinners would like to hear about it and adapt the facts into the story of Frances Xavier “Mother” Cabrini. SfS praises America’s very first saint and the favored patroness of teachers, orphans, nurses and immigrants, as well as the many graduates of the Mother Cabrini schools that bear her name. © 1997

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