Saint Genevieve

Saint Genevieve

Patron of Holy Medals, Paris & France
Feast Day: January 3rd

Genevieve was born in the 5th Century in Nanterre, France. At the age of 7, the peasant girl Genevieve met a Bishop, now known as Saint Germaine of Auxerre. The Bishop told Genevieve she was destined to live with religion as her vocation.

After her parents died, she moved to Paris to live with her Godmother, Lutetia.  Like Saint Catherine of Siena, Genevieve was an influential, persuasive, brilliant woman. Many were influenced by her diplomatic style. When the Huns were set to attack Paris, it was Genevieve who convinced the people and the army leaders to stay put and prevail through the power of prayer, which they did. Genevieve is credited for saving Paris from destruction by the Huns.

She is buried in the Church of the Holy Apostles. Many refer to it as the Church of Saint Genevieve. That’s quite a testament to Genevieve to be revered like the Apostles! Many years later, in the 18th Century her body was burned and her relics presented in the church of Saint Etienne du Mont. It’s not surprising that Genevieve was a woman of courage and fortitude, and deservedly revered. Her name means “of the race of women” in German. The popular E Street Band violinist Soozie Tyrell has a beautiful song, “Ste Genevieve” on her White Lines album. It’s a story of resilience and available on Itunes! © 2018

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