Saint Louise Albertoni

Saint Louise Albertoni

Patron of Religious Ecstasy & Miracle Workers
Invoked for Help LevitatingFeast Day: January 31

Louise’s story took place long ago… Louise, formally known as “Ludovica Albertoni Citara,” was born in the 15th Century in Rome, Italy, to a very wealthy, distinguished family. She married James de Citara and they had 3 children. Her husband died while Louise was very young.  She was a very generous caregiver and is well-known for giving away much of her wealth, and much of her health, by caring tirelessly to the poor and needy. She is known as a “Franciscan Tertiary,” which means she was schooled and was formally entered into the 3rd tier of the Roman Catholic Church. On January 28, 1671, Pope Clement X, elevated her status and she was officially beatified, meaning she is now known as “Blessed,” and is only one miracle away from becoming Canonized to sainthood. It is said that Louise was able to experience religious ecstasy, was a miracle worker, and like Saint Gerard of Majella, had the skill to be able to levitate, which makes us feel she has 3 miracles already! If you feel Blessed Louise should be Canonized, as we do, contact Chiesa di San Francesco d’Assisi a Ripa, 88 00153 Roma, Italy. We will be sending them this card and hope to attend her Canonization some day! © 2013

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson


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