Saint Paul the Apostle

Saint Paul the Apostle

Patron of Tolerance & Compassion, Hospital Administrators & Invoked for Help with Interior Design
Feast Day: June 29th

Originally known as “Saul,” Paul was born in Tarsus in Cilicia. His father was a Roman who taught Paul to enter the trade of tent making. Paul was later actively involved in the slaying of the martyr Stephen. He repented and began the difficult job of preaching to the Jews and, with great skill,  converted  many to Christianity.

Paul was a  prolific writer; his letters to the  Romans, Corinthians, Galatians leave Paul as the most prolific writer in the New Testament. This is probably why Paul is known as the patron of evangelists, authors and journalists. At the time of his martyrdom, he chose beheading by sword, which was his right as a Roman. He was beheaded at Aquae Salvie in Rome, now known as “Tre Fontane.” There is a legend that says when Paul was killed his severed head bounced 3 times and on each spot where his head hit the ground 3 fountains miraculously sprang up, hence the name Tre Fontane.

He shares his Feast Day with Saint Peter. Pope Benedict  XVI has declared June, 2008 - June, 2009 to be the year of remembrance of  Saint Paul. It is thought the Pope did this because he believes that Paul’s willingness to reach out to others of different faiths is a characteristic worthy of emulating today, during times when intolerance among and between religions has caused  needless death and turmoil in our modern world.  Paul’s willingness to reach out to those with divergent views shows his courage and conviction. It is often very difficult to bring a person to the church  yet Paul succeeded admirably in such endeavors. We pray that the remembrance of his exemplary ecumenical evangelical work might have a similar impact today. © 1999, Revised, ©  2007          

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