Saint Phillip Neri

Saint Phillip Neri

The Apostle of Rome, Patron of the People, Patron of Those Who Like to Mingle, Invoked for Optimism
Feast Day: May 25th

Phillip is known as The Apostle of Rome and was true patron of the people. Phillip was one of those folks who could easily talk to anyone, regardless of their social status, formal education, or lack thereof. He was as comfortable with the criminals, womanizers and n’ere do wells who sought his company as he was with the Dukes and Noblemen who also sought his sage counsel. He was a cheerful person who believed in the notion that a “joyful heart” was closer to being perfect than one that was downcast. One day, Phillip was deep in prayer and a miracle occurred. Phillip had a vision that a ball of fire had entered his mouth and enlarged his loving heart. Two ribs were broken to make room for his enlarged heart which was filled with spirit, love, joy, and cheer. Phillip created the Congregation of the Orator. It is a special Order with 3 classes of members: Novices, Triennials, and Decennials and a member is required to attain the age of 36 before  making application to join. Phillip is widely known as a Miracle Worker and could read a person’s mind to learn of their sins before they even confessed! He was able to convert 30 misguided youth simultaneously with his hopeful way of life. His optimism enriched many people in the 16th Century and his Order continues to do so today.

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson


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