Saint Veronica

Saint Veronica

Feast Day: July 12

Veronica’s name derives from the Latin word associated with truth, “Vera.” She is said to have encountered Jesus before he was Crucified. When Veronica met Jesus, she saw He was bruised and battered. His face was dirty, scared and bloody, with stains of spit clinging to his cheeks. Veronica was overcome with emotion and adulation for Jesus. She met Him and took her veil to cleanse his face of the filth and excrements of his tormentors. Jesus carried on on His journey and after he left, the cloth Veronica used miraculously showed an image in Jesus’ likeness. The image has come to be known as the “Shroud of Jesus” and also “Shroud of Turin.” It is said that Veronica’s veil has healing properties. When Veronica brought it to Emperor Tiberius it was used to bring people back to life, cure bodily ailments, restore sight, and deafness and re-unite the fallen with Faith in God. When Emperor Tiberius became ill, Veronica cured him with her Holy Veil. There is a spectacular statue revering Saint Veronica and her Veil in Rome at Saint Peter’s Basillica. Saint Veronica is aptly known as the patroness illustrators and photographers as well as laundry workers. In keeping with these patronages, Saint Veronica could be prayed to prevent money laundering!   © 2012

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson

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