Saint Vincent Ferrer

Saint Vincent Ferrer

Patron of Builders, Invoked for Mending Fences, Mediation & Reconciliation
Feast Day: April 5th

He lived in the 14th Century during the time when there existed a great schism in the Church. Contra Popes led in Rome and Avignon and Vincent was a follower of Luna, historically known as Pope Benedict. Yet Vincent, a Dominican Friar,  was a man who wanted to bridge the gap in the church and he urged Benedict to be a part of the reconciliation, to no avail. When the Council of Constance failed to yield a resolution of unity for the Church, Vincent knew it was time to relinquish his solidarity with Pope Benedict. Like Saint Catherine of Siena, Vincent was a great mediator. His way was one of simplicity and he thought that pursuing ideals with charitable and loving heart was the path to converting fractions. This is probably why he is known as the “Angel of Judgment.”  There is a magnificent statue of Saint Vincent, along with Procopius, on the bridge of the Charles River in Prague, Czech Republic. © 2017

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
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