Pope John Paul II Canonization Experience

Pope John Paul II Canonization Experience

Hello Everyone -

It has been a while since our last newsletter. We needed to get this one out to you soon though, because we have some fun news and offers for all of you.... Here goes:




In late April we are very excited to be going to Rome for Pope Francis I 's Canonizations of Pope John Paul II - JP2 Canonization - and Johannes Paulus XXIII. We will also be hunting for new medals to add to our line-up and gathering photographs to share at www.SaintsforSinners.com.

On our last trips to Medjugorje and Rome for the Canonizations of Saint Padre Pio and later, Saint Kateri Tekakawitha (among others ), we were happy to send postcards to many of you and buy commemorative souvenirs for all who requested something. So, in keeping with that tradition, please send us an e mail through the SaintsforSinners.com web site @ Info@SaintsforSinners.com with your individual request and we will try our best to get you the items you'd like to have. There's no charge - we are happy to do this because it lets us feel like you are with us in spirit! If some of you have requests for your Families or Church or both we will try and accommodate those requests too. Please feel free to contact rob through the web site or by phone 504.239.3143.

Our 4 new saint medals added to www.SaintsforSinners.com

We found 4 new Saint Medals! Our newest Saints are: 

  1. Saint Edith Stein, "Teresia Benedicta" - a Carmelite Nun who was born into the Jewish Faith and later converted to Catholicism after reading some of the writings of one of our favorite saints, Saint Teresa of Avila. We are calling Saint Edith our patron of "Spiritual Religousity" since she adhered to two separate faiths. Her tolerance, respect and acceptance of peoples' differing opinions are very admirable and she is most worthy of our devotion. Sadly, Edith was gassed to death during the Nazi Regime. On her way to the gas chamber with her sister, she wore her Mount Carmelite Habit with the Star of David scrawled upon it.
  2. Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, a former surgeon and mother. She was advised to terminate her last pregnancy but did not heed the Doctor's warnings and died a week after giving birth to her daughter, who is also a surgeon active in the Pro Life Movement. Saint Gianna is invoked for help with difficult pregnancies.
  3. Saint Joseph of Cupertino, who may be a nice patron invoked for help with Autism issues. He would often fall into trances and was ostracized and derogatorily called "the Gaper" because of his prolonged trances. It is also reported that he had visions and could levitate so he is also known as a suitable patron of Air Travelers, Airline Crews, Paratroopers, the Air Force and Pilots.
  4. Saint Isaac Jogues, who was born in Rouene, France and later travelled to Upstate New York and Canada to administer to the poor and infirm. He is known as the patron of the Americas and also Canada.

    Should any of you want to have one of these medals, simply order any Saint medal and add a note stating which saint you actually want. We'll be sure to keep an eye out for your notes. The web site should have these saints added soon.

    Another role in a movie for the SaintsforSinners medals! 

    We were recently contacted by folks in New Orleans who are shooting an Independent Movie. Much of the story takes place while the characters are driving and the costume makers and designers asked if our larger medals could be purchased, to be placed on the rear view mirrors of the cars in the movie. So, of course, we said "Yes," signed the contracts and clearance papers, arranged for an end-credit "Thank you" to SaintsforSinners.com and it looks like our medals will be in their third movie! The name of this one is 'Kevin Guaranteed."

    Hopefully the medals will actually show up on the big screen and not fall onto the "cutting room floor." We will keep you up-to-date when the movies are "Coming Soon to a Theater Near You."

    New retail stores, new retail designs, and our new Retail Director Fletcher Jernigan.

    Fletcher Jernigan is from Mississippi and has joined us as our Retail Director. He has added several new stores to our retail store base and we have significantly grown and expanded in the Gulf Coast Region. Please send us a note or give Fletcher a call ( 504.482.2467 ) if you may know of a store where our medals will fit in nicely or have any other suggestions. Fletcher is doing a really great job!  Oh! Look for Fletcher in the next NCIS New Orleans.  He is playing the role of a NOPD Officer. 

    Special offer for Pope John Paul II medals

    Since the Pope John Paul medals will soon become antique or obsolete, depending on your point of view, we will be sending two of the Pope John Paul II medal designs with every Pope John Paul II medal ordered in April, until the end of the month when Pope JP II becomes Saint John Paul II, "while supplies last."

    Special Offer Number 2

    We have an overstock of large Miraculous Medals and Our Lady of Guadalupe Medals. So, with all orders placed between now and the time when the medals run out, we will be adding one of the large medals to every order that is received. They are mostly painted with bright orange fluorescents which we have been told is one of the "hot colors" for Summer.... Time will tell if that prediction holds true!


    Finally, thanks so much for all of your notes of encouragement. We're happy to be a bit more active on Instragram as SaintsforSinners ~ Spread the word and start "following" us there. And don't forget we are on Twitter as SaintforSinners - note Saint is NOT plural, and on Facebook as Saints for Sinners. Please join us and spread the word.

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