Saint Anastasia, Patron of Weavers and The Infant Baby Jesus

Saint Anastasia, Patron of Weavers and The Infant Baby Jesus



       Christmas is getting close. There is still some time left though.  If you live far away in California or Oregon or somewhere, please order very soon so we can get our hand-painted saint medals and stories to you in time! Our medals are great stocking stuffers, very unique and special for the person you are gifting. They show you thought about the person’s life, interests, and “issues,” happy, sad or in-between. If you read some of our testimonials, you’ll see that our medals make people cry because they “strike a chord” of thoughtfulness that touches the heart in a visceral way. We are so proud that our little medals can bring a bit of comfort to people needing a bit of a lift.


       OK, this is a bit surreal but very nice. People have asked us lots of questions about the Misfit Medal Crosses we are designing! When a medal does not turn out excellent, which is way more frequent than we like, we set these “Misfit Medals” aside. One day we were painting the crosses that we use to attach the Flood Medal Crosses we offer and started using some of the Misfit Medals. People loved them! Now, we have started selling, at a discount price to cover expenses, and raise awareness about SaintsforSinners. And the Misfit Medal Crosses have become popular. WHO KNEW!

So, to answer the Misfit Medal Cross questions:

  1. Yes, we can TRY TO USE saint medals you prefer if we have them in our Misfit Medal Bin. Just leave us a note and let us know what you're looking for;

  2. Yes, we can send you a cross in the colors you prefer;

  3. Yes, we do list and describe the medals we have attached to the crosses. Some of the medals on the crosses look like they are perfect, but there’s a defect there somewhere. We name the saints and write as much as we can on the back of each cross;

  4. No, we are not selling the Misfit Medal Crosses in Retail Stores. Since every cross is very unique and one-of-a-kind, we would not be able to keep up with special requests. Maybe someday we will, but hopefully not because that would mean we have a too many Misfit Medals;

  5. The philosophy behind the misfit medals is the idea that everything we have can be re-used or re-purposed in some way. It’s fun using the medals and re-designing decorative crosses!


        We do have Infant Baby Jesus in the Manger medals. We don’t have a story because the whole story is that Infant Baby Jesus was born on Christmas day in the manger. You know this already. We do send the Divino Nino medal story with the Infant Baby Jesus medals on our chains or clasps. You could hang Baby Jesus on your Christmas tree!


       Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day is tomorrow, December 12th. We will go on a pilgrimage to visit the Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico someday. There is a legend about Our Lady of Guadalupe. Some say if you look at an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, believe in her, and pray to or with her, she will grant a special favor. We know this has happened before because rob has personally experienced the phenomena. It will be in the book he hopes to finish and publish in 2021.


       Saint Anastasia, the patroness of weavers, silk designers, and fabric experts, has her Feast Day coming up on …. December 25th. Spend a moment and think of her on Christmas Day. It must get lonely to be competing with Jesus for attention, yet what an honor it is for Saint Anastasia to have such a wonderful Feast Day. If you’re giving someone a silk tie-on Christmas, Saint Anastasia can fit right into your holiday celebration Christmas chatter!

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