Saint of the Year, Saint Joseph, and Misfit Medal Crosses

Saint of the Year, Saint Joseph, and Misfit Medal Crosses

Hello Everyone,

     Here’s a short note, just to say we are basically caught up with orders, though we do have some “Special” Misfit Medal Crosses to finish and mail.

     Ann D. asked us to include Saint Joseph hand-painted saint medals on her hand-painted cross, and we were happy to oblige, especially since Saint Joseph the Worker is not easy to paint and his medals often wind up in the Misfit Medal Bin. His medal, where he is standing at the work bench is multi-dimensional. So, off some of the Saint Josephs will go, to Ann D.

     We’re kind of using Ann’s request to segue into the news that Pope Francis has named Saint Joseph as the “Saint of the Year” starting on December 8th and ending on the same date next year. December 8 is also known as the Feast of Immaculate Conception.

     Pope Francis wrote another letter, and he called it “Patris Corde,” which means “With a Father’s Heart.” That's partially why I got the Cor ad Cor Loquitor tattoo last Sunday, but we will save that story for another day. 

     In his letter, Francis went on to note Saint Joseph had many roles. He was a Father Figure, accepting a courageous role when he learned Mary was immaculately conceived. That must have been a bit surprising!

     Joseph is also known as a “Father in the Shadows,” Pope Francis notes, because he often went unnoticed. He analogized and compared Saint Joseph to all of the ordinary people today. They are “far from the limelight,” yet diligently working, as Joseph did, sharing virtue, patience and hope, day by day.

     Think about Saint Joseph this year. He will surely be a  referred to often, now that Pope Francis has made him "Saint of the Year." And now, you have a bit of cocktail party talk to share, six feet away, of course, with your friends, neighbors, family, and all those you encounter during the year.  The less celebrated ordinary people who, often unnoticed, may be a bit more “limelighted” this year than years before. As they should, every year.

     We’ll send a newsletter again on Friday to let you know how things are going. We’re working on the Miraculous Medals today, so she will stay in stock. And something tells me maybe we ought to check on our supply of Saint Joseph medals, one where he's holding the hammer working while at the bench, and the other with Baby Jesus and the lily.

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