Our Lady of Lourdes, Hand-Painted Saint Medal, Patron of France, Miracles

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     In Lourdes, France, in 1858, the Virgin Mary appeared eighteen times to the young Bernadette Soubirous in a riverside cave. A shrine has since been built around the site of the appearances, and the well that springs from the location is famed for its healing waters. Our Lady of Lourdes remains one of the most famous and well-recognized apparitions to this day. Offer up all pain and sickness to Our Lady of Lourdes, and she will ease the suffering of you and those you love. The Song of Bernadette is a wonderful film about Saint Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes. We visited Lourdes in 2017.

     Your order includes our vibrant one-of-a-kind hand-painted saint medal, a silver necklace or clasp (your choice!), the story of Our Lady of Lourdes in greeting card format, a felt pouch for safekeeping, unique prayer cards from Rome, Italy, an extra envelope for easy mailing or gifting and a money back guarantee, “No Questions Asked.”  Rob and SaintsforSinners.com stand by their work product. The stories are sometimes embellished, paraphrased, or updated, but overall, they retain the theme presented at canonization or veneration.