Happy 4th of July Weekend – Here are the Contest Results

Happy 4th of July Weekend – Here are the Contest Results

The response was very nice, so we decided to send two of our packages!

We sent one saint medal package to:

Janice in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

And the other went to:

Cynthia in Falls Church, Virginia

I hope I’m not ruining their surprise.

For the 4th of July Weekend we are doing something different! Long ago, some of you will remember we were selling “ThaItalian” Sterling Silver Bracelets covered with our hand-painted saint medals. We stopped doing it when we ran out of the sterling silver because when we went to re-order, it was obvious we could not keep selling the bracelets with lots of our hand-painted medals. The prices had increased, and everything put together just made it too expensive. However …. 

We have been organizing all of our antique saint medals, prayer cards, blue tinted medals, and lots of other items and we came across one of the sterling silver charm ThaItalian bracelets, along with hundreds of other really nice, hand-engraved and blue tinted medals. You can’t find them like this anymore.

We spent a lot of time creating another charm bracelet.

It has 10 of the Our Lady medals hand-painted by us, and one of the antique blue tinted Saint Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes designs. We love the way it came out, so we decided to have another contest and choose someone from the group of people who order something from now until Monday.

The medal has two Our Lady of the Assumption medals on each outer side. We had painted a bunch of those to sell and share at the Our Lady of the Assumption Festival in Venasque, France this summer. However, thanks to COVID19, we will not be going hunting for medals in Italy, France or anywhere else this summer since the European Union has basically told America to “Stay Off Our Lawn” and we are not allowed to go to Europe anytime soon.

The bracelet also has:

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

Our Lady Undoer of the Knots of strife and discord in our lives (Pope Francis’ favorite Our Lady)

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception (painted with the traditional deep, rich blue)

Our Lady of Sorrows

Mater Dolorosa (same as the Our Lady of Sorrows, but completely different in the way it is presented, one antique, the other newer)

Our Lady of Snows

Rosa Mystica with her 3 flowers

And finally, a beautiful antique blue-tinted Saint Bernadette with Our Lady of Lourdes on the other side. The blue tinted Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Bernadette center the design.

Next week we will let you know who, what, where and when we are mailing the bracelet.

We hope you all stay safe and have a Happy July 4th Holiday! Although we are not allowed to go to Europe right now, we are still living on the greatest country on earth!

Oh, one last thing! When Emily came in and I showed her the bracelet I made she said she loved it. The rest of the story is …. Emily also said the bracelet I made is “loud.” The hand-painted medals clink together. It sounds really nice, according to me! One of the medals will probably wind up falling off! So, if and when that happens, don’t worry about it too much because we will replace the medals lost and you can be happy someone found the medal that fell off the bracelet. Maybe the lost medal will be found by someone and take them on a terrific and unexpected journey. It might happen!

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  • April Holland

    I’m so thrilled with my flood cross, the extra medal, and the BEAUTIFUL bracelet.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful service and extra care that you put into every single thing <3

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