Our New Saint: The Patron of Hospice, Saint Camillus of Lellis 🆕 A Dalmation Medal

Our New Saint: The Patron of Hospice, Saint Camillus of Lellis 🆕 A Dalmation Medal


     We found a brand-new saint; Saint Camillus has joined our collection of hand-painted saint medals. 

     Saint Camillus is officially known as the patron saint of hospitals and hospital workers. He is not truly designated as a patron of Hospice and Palliative Care but he “fits the bill.” You’ll read and see that he is the perfect saint for all things “Hospice.” 

     Saint Camillus of Lellis is a great new addition to our line-up.  It’s nice because there are so many who will appreciate the story of Saint Camillus, officially known as the “Father of Death.” Maybe it sounds a little morbid, talking about Hospice Care. Morbid, maybe, yet comforting too!  When my Dad died in Hospice it was a very comforting place, in retrospect. Read about palliative care here

     The medals we have of saint Camillus have all been painted differently because we have not quite settled on the best colors. The next batch we paint will be a bit more conformed and alike, yet distinctly one-of-a-kind too.

     Another new and random medal, which is not really new at all and is probably at least 50 years old, is being offered on the web site. 

“That’s so Random!” 

     We found this medal at a village market.  It has a dog on it and it seems to be from a French shoe company, “Teve.” Franco decided to paint the dog dalmatian style. We saw so many unique vintage medals, but they were not all saint medals! We had to buy them! So, now, like the saints, we will paint these curious medals and add color. We’ll probably be putting them on the website, or Twitter, or Instagram or Facebook

     Keep checking back to see our latest vintage medal collection. We will soon have so many obscure saints to offer as “Show and Tell,” all “imported from France, by us.”  And we have lots of vintage medals that will all have their own mysterious stories, and if they don’t, we’ll conjure up something colorful in one way or another.

C’est Tres Bon! 
Merci Beaucoup and as always ….
Thanks for reading to the bottom line.


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  • Heather delapouyade

    The Dalmatian medal is so important to me! Please do another run of these if at all possible. It’s very precious to me.
    Thank you so much for your love and dedication to our Lord and all you do!

    With greatest thanks,
    Heather deLapouyade

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