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Today we celebrate the life of Saint John the Apostle, the great friend of Jesus and the lone Apostle who loyally stood by him throughout his entire life. No wonder he is classified and known as the Patron of Friendship. We say Saint John is also the patron of loyalty too.

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because Rob is away and I’ve got to share this with everyone!

We received the sweetest SaintsforSinners testimonial from Shirley Lewis today:

"Today I was at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. and saw your SaintsforSinners medals in the gift shop! It makes me proud and happy! Well done!!"

Thank you, Shirley. You made my day. You made Rob's week, I'm sure. Thanks so much! I can't wait until he sees this.

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This is a very short note to say "hi" and offer a free pen to anyone who would like one! Just reply to this e-mail, include your mailing address and we will send one to you right away. Also, if anyone would like the bottle opener, shown above, it is also available to anyone who buys a medal, "while supplies last."

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