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1.     Hooray! Retail Stores have begun opening again! Rob spoke to Amy at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC. Amy let us know the Basilica Book & Gift Shop is open again and our medals are available there, and featured front and center.”

If you are in Washington, or plan to visit anytime, or know someone there, please take, or ask them to take, a photo of our saint medal display at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Send it to us or simply post it on our Facebook Page! Thanks.

2.     Announcing Another Contest: Enter our Latest Contest! This Time We are Offering:

One of our hand-painted crosses adorned with saint medals recovered from the flood OR one of our hand-painted crosses covered with “re-purposed” hand-painted saint medals that did not quite measure up to be sold online or sent to retail stores.

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We have been enjoying making the new crosses with the medals we dug up after the flood and also using the medals that just did not quite make it through the creation phase for one reason or another. “THE MISFIT MEDALS” were in a big bin with nowhere to go because they are blemished in some way but we could not ever throw them away….

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Hello everyone!  We've been meaning to keep in touch, but time has flown by, and we have been busy building our inventory for the Holidays and bringing in fantastic new items for 2016, including new Lobster claw zipper tags to keep your valuables safe.

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