10th Day of Lent - Saint Padre Pio ☀️ Miracle Workers and Healing Saints

10th Day of Lent - Saint Padre Pio  ☀️    Miracle Workers and Healing Saints

     On this 10th calendar day of Lent, March 11th, 2022, we celebrate Saint Padre Pio. The first Canonization we attended was Padre Pio’s in 2001. Rome was blazing hot and humid and there were thousands of people in Vatican Square commemorating the Canonization.

     One of Saint Padre’s Miracles is also an uplifting story of Faith. A young boy was at school and somehow, he wound up swallowing the top of a marker, much like the Sharpie pens we all know and enjoy. 

     When it was finally discovered the boy had his throat obstructed by the marker top, he was quickly brought to the local hospital. He stayed there and his health continued to deteriorate. It seemed he would not make it through the night, so a member of the clergy administered the “Last Rights Sacrament.” Everyone hoped and prayed the boy would recover but his chances were slim at best. 

     Yet something miraculous happened and the boy did recover! His friends and family were joyous about his survival. He was feeling better and better every day. Finally, one day, he asked the hospital workers and his family, “Where is the man who helped me?” He described an older man in a brown robe with a grey beard. 

     An orderly saw a picture of Saint Padre Pio and brought it over to show it to the boy. The boy quickly became animated and said, “There he is, that’s the man who was here helping me in the night and letting me recover.” 

     Padre Pio had appeared for the boy, helped him heal and then, away he went. Eventually everyone realized that Padre Pio had been instrumental in helping the boy live through his ordeal. The 2nd Miracle had been performed, was deemed acceptable, and Padre Pio was scheduled to be canonized. 

     We bought so many postcards of Padre Pio and we hand wrote cards to everyone on our mailing list. That was back-in-the-day when we sent out our Newsletters on sheets of paper and stamped them to send out. We mailed them all from Vatican Square. 

     Saint Padre Pio is well known as a miracle worker and many pray for his intercession for healing, most especially healing for young boys and girls whose health is in danger.


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