14th Day of Lent - Archangel Raphael 🐠 Patron of Love, Health, & Joy - Happy Meetings

14th Day of Lent - Archangel Raphael  🐠   Patron of Love, Health, & Joy - Happy Meetings

Celebrate Archangel Raphael Today!
Tuesday, March 15th, 2022

     Saint Raphael is well known as the Patron of Health, Healing, and Love. Archangel Raphael is called the “Healer of God” and known for bringing about many happy meetings, and he certainly did! He is also one of the Messengers of God.

     Raphael, along with MichaelGabriel and Uriel, is exalted above most of the the other Angels and Cherubs. His medal typically displays Saint Raphael atop a giant fish on the water. The hand-painted Saint Raphael we sell is one of our most popular medals.

     Raphael traveled with Tobias. While on the journey, Archangel Raphael took the human name "Azariah." When a giant fish went to attack Tobias, Azariah instructed Tobias to kill the fish, extract its gall, heart and liver, and then burn the heart and liver as incense near his prospective bride. Tobias had met the very widowed, unlucky Sarah, whose previous marriages had resulted in the death of all 7 husbands before any marriage was consummated. The burning incense served as protection from future deaths and resulted in an enduring marriage for Sarah and Tobias. They consummated their union and enjoyed a full life, wholeness, and a New Beginning.

     Raphael’s healing qualities also allowed Tobias's Dad, Tobit, to be cured. The gall from the fish was used to cure Tobit from a lengthy blindness! Raphael is also known as the patron Saint of Guardian Angels and is invoked against blindness.


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