37th Day of Lent - Our Ladies 🕊️ The Blessed Virgin Marys

37th Day of Lent - Our Ladies   🕊️   The Blessed Virgin Marys

Celebrate Our Ladies
Today, April 13, 2022

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Invoked for Special Favors


     One of the stories about the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe says that she will grant a Special Favor. There are four things that must be done to have your request granted:

  1. Your Favor must be reasonable. Our Lady of Guadalupe is not going to provide the winning Powerball or Mega Millions numbers;

  2. You must look at an image of her carefully;

  3. While looking at Our Lady, try to feel her presence and you then Ask for Your Favor;

  4. You must believe in her as strongly as you possibly can and let her know you believe in her.

     Your Special Favor will be granted. It happened to me!

Our Lady of Fatima
Miracle Worker -Offering World Peace


     We need Our Lady of Fatima today, more than ever, it seems. Our Lady works to offer world peace. She asks that you pray the Rosary each day asking her for world peace. 

     Our Lady of Fatima kept appearing in Fatima, Portugal, during the early 1900’s. She first appeared to 3 children, Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia. On the last day of her appearance, she was seen by 70,000 believers. 


Our Lady of the Assumption


  This incantation of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrates the date the blessed Virgin Mary rose up and ascended to heaven, August 15th. It’s a National Holiday in France! 


Our Ladies of Perpetual Succor 
and Prompt Succor


     These two versions of Marian devotionals offer help every day. Our Lady of Prompt Succor can quickly help you remember the answer to a question on a quiz or maybe help you remember where you left your car keys.

      Our Lady of Perpetual Succor is always nearby to help you. She never leaves. Keep Our lady in mind and feel her presence when you need help. Our Lady of Perpetual Succor can always help.


Our Lady of Loreto Patroness
for Safety while Flying


     There’s a safe travel Marian devotional who is another incarnation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Loreto. This Blessed Virgin Mary is well known as the patron saint invoked for safety while flying. Flight Attendants, Pilots and Hang Gliders seek Our Lady often. The reason Our Lady is perfect to offer guidance while flying is because of the work of several angels. The group of angels were known to take the House of Mary and fly it all around to different places to keep it safe. The angels transported Mary’s home many times. They flew it to Tersato, Dalmatia, Recanti, Italy and finally to Loreto, Italy where the house has been for centuries. We visited Loreto a few years ago and saw Mary’s home, now known as the Holy House of Loreto.

     There are many of Blessed Virgin Marian devotees so we can’t mention each one because we have run out of time. We should have asked Our Lady of Perpetual help to get us started sooner! Recall that the Mother of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, is with you at each milestone of your life, and during all the other days as well.

Which Blessed Virgin Mary
are you devoted to today?


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