7th Day of Lent - Saint Catherine of Siena 👩‍💼 Patron of Diplomacy and Girl Power!

7th Day of Lent - Saint Catherine of Siena 👩‍💼   Patron of Diplomacy and Girl Power!

     On this 7th Calendar Day of Lent, March 8th, 2022, we present Saint Catherine of Siena, Patron of Diplomacy and often called the Patron Saint of  “GIRL POWER!” Saint Catherine is invoked for resolving conflicts and ending disagreements.

     International Women’s Day (“IWD”) is a Global Holiday that is celebrated every year on December 8th.  IWD commemorates and brings attention to women’s’ issues regarding empowerment, gender equality, and socioeconomic conditions. 

     On IWD the achievements of women are highlighted and duly recognized. It is the perfect day on the Lenten Calendar to write about Saint Catherine of Siena. 

     Saint Catherine of Siena is one of the 4 female “Doctors of the Church,” a truly noteworthy accolade. Catherine was fiercely independent as a child. She kept her hair cut short, and when her parents felt it was time for her to marry, she hid herself away to avoid marriage altogether. Her parents accepted that she wasn’t going to marry and felt like they relented by saying “You can go join a Convent,” but she didn’t do that either!

     Catherine was one cool character, she beat and marched to her own drum and was intent on living her own life. Her sense of individuality was so dynamic she wound up becoming an advisor to leaders of Church and State. Kings and Dukes sought her sage advice. She dictated a masterpiece, “The Dialog.”  

     Catherine was such a great communicator, she ably kept connected to the rich, the poor, the old and young, and all those in-between. She was a great peacemaker and is credited with persuading the papacy to return to Rome, Italy, from Avignon, France.

     Years ago, we were in a bit of a “Glitter Phase” and we painted a bunch of Saint Catherine of Siena medals and added lots of  glitter. We sold the medals at the Harrison Avenue Market in Lakeview and students from the local all girls high school, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy, were excited and loved our designs. It seemed very unusual but then one of the kid’s parents explained that the girls at Mount Carmel were not supposed to wear jewelry. They could, however, wear religious items so that meant they could wear glittery Saint Catherine of Siena to school! 

     Some time passed and we eventually got a call from the Religion Teacher at Mount Carmel. She asked us about our hand-painted saint medals and it seemed like we were going to be reprimanded, maybe for embellishing the holy Saint Catherine medals with glitter? That was not what happened at all though. The Religion Teacher had called to say, “I don’t know what you’re doing with these saint medals but whatever it is, please keep doing it!” She added, “The girls are actually finally paying attention in religion class and enjoying learning about the saints!” That was one of the nicest calls we have ever received! 


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