“8 Simple Rules for Raising Great Children!” Plus, the Bonus!

“8 Simple Rules for Raising Great Children!” Plus, the Bonus!


       Maybe I should have titled this “8 Simple Saints to Help and Guide You While Raising Great Children.” No matter, though I do have 8 Simple Saints for you!

The 8 Simple Saints – The Saints for Raising Great Children Are:

  1. Saint Anthony

  2. Arch Angel Raphael

  3. Saint Margaret

  4. The Guardian Angels

  5. Saint Philomena

  6. Saint Gerard

  7. Saint Monica

  8. Saint Ann

BONUS (Saint Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower – for the joy and tranquility your children will bring!)


  1. SEARCHING – Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony is well known for helping people search and find things.  He helps seekers. And he helps finders too. So, praying to Saint Anthony for help as you begin contemplating raising your child is a great way to “get off the ground running” and find the very best way for raising great children.


  1. LOVING – Arch Angel Raphael

The Arch Angel Raphael offers love. It’s curious that the most recent order for a hand-painted saint medal was for Arch Angel Raphael, who we are sending to Los Angeles, California. Add love with all you do regarding everything you do.  Spread it all over! Also remember to always keep lots of love in reserve. You’ll need it raising children.


  1. FERTILITY – Saint Margaret

Saint Margaret is the fertility saint and lets eggs fertilize to create the Gift of Life. So, she’s needed unless you’re adopting your kids. And then she is still needed because every child is a Gift of Life!


  1. CHILDBIRTH – Saint Philomena

Saint Philomena is the patron invoked for safe childbirth! She is one of our most popular saints, and very helpful during labor!


  1. GUARDIANSHIP – Guardian Angels

At all times throughout raising children there will be Guardians angling all around. It is not necessary to rely on the Guardian Angels at any certain, specific time, but they are available for assistance at any and all times, especially when “all else fails.”  Have faith in, trust and rely on your Guardian Angel whenever needed.


  1. GROWTH – Saint Gerard

Saint Gerard typically helps with growth and looks after the child in early days, especially its toddling years. Saint Gerard has the ability to be in two places at one time, a special skill that helps growth. Use Fertilizer, Sun and Water with more love added constantly. The childbirth will become tender, then ambulatory, ‘til it is absorbing as though a sponge, collecting all sorts of interests, hopes, dreams, fears, successes and failures.


  1. PERSEVERANCE – Saint Monica

Saint Monica has handled this stage of development very well and can be used as a guidepost since her Saint Augustine had a very coarse growing period. At some point when the childbirth has been completed, at around 13 or 14 years, the “child” will start to insist it is not a child and begin to become sticky, overdone, then underdone, fried and scorched, and all perhaps at the exact same time. Saint Monica can help you. She chased her son Saint Augustine all over the world.


  1. Patron of Grandparents – Saint Ann

Grandparents, Saint Ann, Anne, Anna, is a great extra bonus. Whether you have actual parents or pseudo parents, let them indulge your children as much as you can and give yourself a break.

       So, there you have it – 8 saints for help with raising great children! Don’t forget that there are hundreds of other saints ready and willing to help you at any and all times. If you have a situation, there is a saint to provide guidance, comfort and hope!

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  • Sr Martha

    Do you have a saint of adoptions, or adopted children?
    Thanks for your help!
    Sr. Martha

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