A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Finishing those 133 Wayward Quizzes, Plus Words of Wisdom from Sidney Poitier and Sister Hildegard

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Finishing those 133 Wayward Quizzes, Plus Words of Wisdom from Sidney Poitier and Sister Hildegard

Hello –

      Hope you’re doing well. If you’re here in New Orleans, you know it’s flooding all over the place. Flood Saint Florian really needs to get busy and bring sunshine after the rain! Hope you’re staying dry.


      We are moving along with the new advertising campaign and hired Photographer Tim Black for the photoshoot late this month. It’s very exciting that we’re also teaming up with Tisch Jewelers from Atlanta for the project. Some of their beautifully artistic pieces of jewelry, incorporating our medals will be on our model. Yes, we hired a model! Crazy!

     We will write all about it and the content in the next private newsletter. Remember, if you would like to be on our Private Newsletter email list, you’ll need to ask us to put you on it. Thanks.

     Finally, two kind of inspirational things occurred while trying to finish the quizzes. Which, by the way, we have still not finished, which is the bad “Broken Record” news. The good news is we are answering New Quizzes First and then going to back to the 133 Quizzes that are from late March. So, we will technically always be up to date with quizzes, except if your quiz is from days we missed, mostly in late March.

      Speaking of Quizzes, a lady, Laurel R. took the quiz and she listed Saint Hildegard of Bingen as her favorite saint! No one has ever said that before. Saint Hildegard of Bingen always leads us to thinking about the show “Outlander.” (I know, I know, I'm droning on about something that I already talked about but let's at least acknowledge that I'm doing it!)

     My recap: In a pivotal scene, Clare is in anguish over her stillborn child. She is furious at her husband, Jamie, for “abandoning” her (he didn’t really abandon her though). So, Clare is in bed and distraught but at least, alive!

      In an effort to help Clare resolve her intense hatred and hostility toward Jamie, Sister Hildegard looks in her eyes and says softly:

      You must put all the “sins asunder and cast your grievances to the sea.” 

     I’m not really giving the scene the credit deserved. I answered Laurel’s quiz by describing that scene and saying, “I agree that Saint Hildegard is your saint.” I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

      This quote came, seemingly, out of nowhere the other day. It was drawn from a blogger, Alan Bennett Ilagan, I think.

     Apparently, someone interviewed Sidney Poitier about his life philosophy. He grew quiet, tilted his head and said “Every day I try to be mindful of yesterday and be a better person than I was the day before.” Words to live by.

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