A Quick Note from SaintsforSinners That’s Only Five Paragraphs Long!

A Quick Note from SaintsforSinners That’s Only Five Paragraphs Long!
I Know, It’s Hard To Believe We Wrote A Very Short Message. Here it is:
We have been enjoying making the new crosses with the medals we dug up after the flood and also using the medals that just did not quite make it through the creation phase for one reason or another. “THE MISFIT MEDALS” were in a big bin with nowhere to go because they are blemished in some way but we could not ever throw them away….
So, as you know, we were mixing the medals up with some flood medals and some misfit medals but a few people preferred crosses with just the flood medals or just the misfit medals.
We figured out a way to fix this! Now you can order a hand-painted cross with saint medals from the flood or a hand-painted cross with hand-painted saint medals that were not quite perfect enough to send you on a necklace or clasp. So, there are now 2 different options on the order forms for the crosses. Choose whatever you prefer. And remember, if you leave us a message on the message area, you can ask us to send another medal package as an extra gift of lagniappe.
Eventually we will separate all of our flood medals and hand-painted saint medals so you can ask for all Saint Agatha medals or Saint Francis or Blessed Virgins, or Motherly Saint Medals or Animal Lovers medals, but we are not quite able to do that yet. Hopefully we will soon. You always ask, though, and we will try.
One last thing - we still do have some big, fun, exciting news to share but that news is still percolating and we cannot announce. It should be coming soon, though. And, we have a few new retailers to tell you about but we have not sent their medals out yet, so you’ll have to wait to hear about that as well. That’s all for today. For those of you who prefer the longer e-mails, don’t fret because we will send a longer note sometime soon. We hope you have a very happy weekend. Christmas is coming and a repurposed cross is certainly something kind of old and kind of new and very worthy as a conversation piece to remember the past, the present, and the future! We have fallen in love with "repurposing!"

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