A Quick Note to say two things:

A Quick Note to say two things:

       First It looks like we will be able to travel to Europe once again and that’s great because we are running low on those light weight prayer cards we always send in the envelopes included in your orders. And who knows what else we will find in Rome to add.

       Second, we located a bunch of new medals here in the states and are busy painting them now. One of the new medals is Saint Angela. We finally have Saint Angela! She has been sought after for years and years. There are two pictures of her medal in this newsletter.

       We don’t know too much about Saint Angela yet, except that one of her symbols is a ladder. It’s curious there’s no ladder on the Saint Angela medal we have almost ready to go out the door. We will be writing her story later today.

       We will report back after we have added the new saints to our line-up. Expect a note about them soon. Until then,

thanks for reading to the bottom line!

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