A Reminder and Update!

A Reminder and Update!

     It’s December 3rd and we are still completely up-to-date with www.SaintsforSinners.com year 2019 orders and we have even been able to say “Yes!” to Special Requests too ... so far! I say this every year: “Maybe this will be the Christmas Holiday where we do everything right!”

     I’ll make the Confession though: We usually wind up being late with some of the orders that come in mid-December. (BUT ... We have also been able to go “Above and Beyond” a time or two. A lady on the West Bank of New Orleans ordered medals on Christmas Day and I delivered them to her, in my pajamas. That was fun!)

     So, please try to order your hand painted saint medal packages soon. One of the things that is challenging is the fact that we sell directly to customers online and that is usually pretty easy. However, sometimes a Special Request comes in or a retail store orders a bunch of medals and we are scrambling and hurrying to get everything out the door as soon as possible.

     If you order soon, we can virtually guarantee you will get your medals on time. And FYI - The Retail Store “Whats New” just placed a re-order so they will have a nice selection at their store on Decatur Street in the French Quarter, near Saint Louis Cathedral.

     We hope your Holiday Preparations are proceeding smoothly. If things are not working out perfectly, remember it’s all still going to be OK! One of my favorite musicians, Steve Forbert, even has a song about dealing with the frenetic pace of the Holidays. “You Cannot Win ‘Em All:”

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