A Repeat – Please Disregard/DO NOT OPEN/Delete if you Already Received Newsletter Yesterday About Price Reductions & Harmonizing Saints

A Repeat – Please Disregard/DO NOT OPEN/Delete if you Already Received Newsletter Yesterday About Price Reductions & Harmonizing Saints

Hello –

A few of you have already received this newsletter yesterday – if so, I apologize for this Repeat Email ….

Yesterday, I sent out a newsletter to a few people and was asked why I didn’t send it to everyone. So, I thought about it and decided to send this newsletter to everyone.

The newsletter from yesterday follows below – also I’d like to let you know about a couple other changes we have made: we added a lot of new testimonials and they are a ‘Work in Progress” and we will let you know when most of them are up on the site. At least we have added a lot more already.

We changed the WHO’S YOUR SAINT Quiz to fix some ‘bugs” and change questions a bit and added a few new questions to help us figure out “Who’s Your Saint!” So far, we have able to keep up with personalizing the responses individually. We will keep doing that. Please keep in mind that if you do not get a Reply right away, that means we are behind with answering the quizzes, but it is very, very likely that you will receive your response within 24 hours.

We are going to have a new Retail Store in Uptown New Orleans! Look for our medals at Haase’s on Oak Street. We are very excited to be selling our medals soon at Haase Stores once again! Thank you, Judy!

Locally, Little Miss Muffin (“LMM”) on Harrison Avenue has been restocked and their trays of medals look nice. Go visit Gaye and Monique and the Gang at Little Miss Muffin to find a perfect saint for any occasion. LMM has hundreds of our hand-painted saint medals.

To the few folks who are getting the same email twice, I am sorry about that. Send me a note or text and I will do something special for you!

It seems the country has some “healing” to do so maybe some saints can lead the way toward a more peaceful atmosphere in the good ole’ USA…. They can’t hurt. They might help. It’s worth a try! We all need to try harder and give more than we receive. The Givers are the ones who get the true Gifts!

So, here’s the newsletter we sent out yesterday:

The recent events in the country seem to be separating people from one another. It is not a very easy time for many Americans. We have a troubled society.

Originally, our task for today was about planning to reach out to our retailers since they have been closed for so long due to COVID19 restrictions. It’s time to send medals to our favorite retailers! We will do that next week or the week thereafter instead of this week.

Today, we have decided to let you know we will lower our prices to $20.00 for five different saints, effective immediately. The saints we chose all relate to our need for racial harmony in today’s world. Consider sharing one of these medals with a friend or loved one. Hmmm – consider sharing one of these saint medal packages to complete strangers.

These are the saints being sold for $20.00 each for a limited time:

1.       Saint Francis of Assisi, well-known as the Patron Saint of Peace. The “Peace Prayer of Saint Francis” is one of the most popular, if not the most popular and well-known prayers of all time. One of the versions of our hand-painted medal of Saint Francis has the entire Peace Prayer engraved on one side. It’s an amazing, remarkable medal and the representation as a piece of art that has probably been printed millions of times. Saint Francis of Assisi is one of our favorite saint medals. We often take some liberty, or “poetic license,” and paint the wolf with Saint Francis as though it is a dog, and often, a Dalmatian!

2.       Saint Augustine, Patron of African Americans. Saint Augustine is another one of the most legendary saints. Also, in New Orleans we have the first Catholic Church in America welcoming free people of color. United States District Court Judge Ginger Berrigan wrote about us and Saint Augustine’s Church in her book, “At Home in the Heart, A Story of Radical Awakening after Hurricane Katrina.” We have always been happy to help and support Saint Augustine’s Church here in New Orleans.

3.       Saint Benedict, another patron of African Americans, is known as a Miracle Worker, and the Patron of School Children. He is also invoked for fighting against kidney problems, food poisoning and for help with “quick fixes.” It's quite obvious that the United States of America could benefit from a quick fix right now.

4.       Saint Martin de Porres, patron of African Americans and also the patron of Barbers, Surgeons, Public Health Professionals, invoked for Universal Health. Saint Martin de Porres was canonized in 1962.

5.       Saint Peter Claver is another patron of African Americans, who was a 16th Century saint who ministered to slaves, both spiritually and physically. Saint Peter Claver is the patron of African Americans and invoked for inter-racial justice and improving race relations.

We think we need to get these saints out and about to do their good work in America. They are sorely needed today. Read about these saints and follow their fine, good, and just example, in efforts to have our society, as a whole, have forward movement and curb all forms of prejudice, racial or otherwise.

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