A Very Quick Note & Announcement!

A Very Quick Note & Announcement!

     We are happy to say that we are officially caught up with our SaintsforSinners.com orders for Christmas. So, if you would like to place an order, or another order, we can get it to you before Christmas, for sure! Except … There’s a “But.”

     BUT! If you are from another country we can’t guarantee you will get your hand-painted saint medal package before Christmas. People in Asia seem to get theirs quickly. People in Spain and Germany have to wait a bit.  One of our New Years Resolutions is to streamline our overseas mailing procedures so that we can have more of a “Worldwide Presence.”

     We are pretty close to figuring out the international mailing systems, thanks to Emily who has joined our team and has mastered some mailing procedures. Hmmmm - I don’t want to let her get too proud of herself, so let me snitch on her and tell you she actually had to ask me “Where does the stamp go on the envelope?”  TRUE STORY!



     OK - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and go order some medals for stocking stuffers and then you know you’ll touch someone’s heart when they open up the package from us, and you!  We love that our saint medals are not too expensive, and can “speak” to people in a heartfelt way. We love what we do! We send heartfelt gifts.

     Look forward to the Newsletter where we inform you of our big, big NEWS! I bet some of you have even forgotten we have BIG NEWS COMING SOON, to a tablet, phone, laptop or computer near you! STAY TUNED! 

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