On Wednesday, many decide to take a Lenten Vow. It might be giving up candy for 40 days. It might be deciding to say 5 kind things to people every single day for 40 days! Many go to Church and receive ashes on their forehead. This shows the world the person is celebrating and participating in the Lenten Period with a Lenten Vow. 

        If you go to buy groceries or visit the post office, you will see people with Ashes on their forehead. If you watch ESPN, you will see the host of “Around the Horn,” Tony Reali, shows his ashes on television. Tony is proud to let the world know he is celebrating the Lenten Period. He will also be talking about sports, which is basically, his job. I’ve never heard him talk about the Golden Halo though ….


       After Ash Wednesday, there is another celebration on Golden Halo Thursday, February 27! Visit and see that Episcopalians Tim and Scott have created a fun and rather offbeat Celebration of Lent. Visit their website, and you can play along and to see all the saints who will be competing to win the Golden Halo.  

      Last year, one of the saints in our line-up, Saint Martha of Bethany, won the Golden Halo. We describe Saint Martha as the patron of sisters, sororities and lifelong friendships. We voted for her throughout the Tournament! We also bought a few of the Saint Martha Golden Halo Winner coffee cups, like the one at the top of this newsletter. We actually have a few extra.

      Back-in-the-day, Saint Martha and her sister Saint Mary had some issues. Martha was a woman who liked to cook and clean. Mary was a woman who did not really care too much about cooking and cleaning. Mary liked praying and contemplating.

       Martha got irritated because she felt she was doing all the work around the house with all the cooking and cleaning. Jesus came over for dinner and saw that Martha and Mary were not getting along, so he sat them down for a little chat.

      Jesus explained to Martha and Mary that it was OK to have differences. It was not OK to watch what the other was doing, or not doing, and be judgmental. He asked, “What would we do if everyone was exactly the same?” Jesus thought Martha and Mary should accept and adopt a “live and let live” approach. So, Martha and Mary accepted each other and their different philosophies.

       Afterward, Martha and Mary were BFF type sisters, doing it for themselves, and not worried about what the other was doing or not doing.

       To honor Martha and Mary, we are going to send a Saint Martha of Bethany hand-painted saint medal to everyone who orders anything during the Lenten Period, which starts the day after Mardi Gras Day, Wednesday, February 26th.

       Be sure to visit to see all the saints who will be competing to win the Golden Halo for 2020! The contest is fun and educational because the stories of the saints are shared with us, and we get to vote and decide who wins the Golden Halo.

       So, sign up to be involved in picking the Golden Halo winner. It is almost as exciting as the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament! If you sign up for a March Madness pool, be sure to advance the teams and colleges that are named after the saints! 

       So, Happy Lent! Try to make a vow and the keep it for 40 days. If you give up chocolate for Lent, it is pretty likely you will find a chocolate Easter Bunny in your basket on Easter Sunday!

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