Can YOU Name the 5 Saints Pictured Below?

Can YOU Name the 5 Saints Pictured Below?

Here's rob in L'Isle sur la Sorgue, France

Hi from Venasque!

We’re on our pilgrimage and thought we’d share a fun interactive quiz where there are actual correct answers, unlike the "Who’s Your Saint Quizzes" we answer with ideas and suggestions. No wrong answers, no wrong responses, just a heartfelt conversation is what we offer with the Who’s Your Saint Quiz! That’s why we fall behind sometimes. We give our Replies to Your Quiz, a thoughtful reply! 

But this Quiz is a true Contest, with actual questions and right or wrong answers!

Whoever first answers correctly is going to receive a hand-written letter, and a fun, exciting, unusual gift, mailed from somewhere over here in France or Rome. We can’t wait to send it to you, whomever you are! 

Here are 5 of the Saints featured in there. Can you name all 5? Send a reply with your best guess and we will send a hand-written note, a special gift directly from France or Rome, and spotlight the person ( is that you!? ) who shows they are a true hagiographer ( someone who studies the Saints )! 

Take a look at these beautiful iconic images of well-known Saints. Some are very creative and curious and literally paint the saint with "light" we have never seen before! We’ve learned great lessons and will explain more in Quiz #2 which will feature 5 Saints we’ve visited with in "Sorgue," the beautiful town in Provence where we are staying before embarking to Rome to explore and find new Saints to share! L'Isle sur la Sorgue is a hidden gem! 

We’re coming back to Venasque to Celebrate the Assumption of Mary on August 15th! We’re not sure what we will be offering y’all during that trip but promise it will be spectacular!

Thank you for the nice notes about SaintsforHope! We are keeping SaintsforSinners, always and forever. But adding some Hope seems like a great step forward! 

Finally, we have the biggest news to share so please look forward to a future email where we explain in greater detail. Like George Jefferson on the TV Show, "We’re Moving On Up" and beside ourselves with excitement!

A Bientot!

Thanks for reading to the bottom line!

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