Celebrating Valentine's Day 2020 with Our 1st Video Blog!

Celebrating Valentine's Day 2020 with Our 1st Video Blog!

Hey Everyone!

      Saint Valentine’s Day is coming very, very soon! Here’s to love and all that it brings to our lives. Go ahead and put some Bay Leaves in your pillow on Saint Valentine’s Day. You may have some very pleasant dreams….

     If you do not know what I am referring to by that remark, you obviously have not seen our very first video blog. You’ll notice my voice is sped up quite a bit, but that’s for your listening pleasure. If you had to listen to me in real time, you’d probably unsubscribe and we don’t want to give you a reason to leave us in two seconds flat. Thanks to Emily, though, I just sound like a fast talker – that should be news to any of you who know me. E n j o y it while you can!

     Also, don’t forget that there are over a dozen Saint Valentines to celebrate throughout the year.  That means you’ll have lots of chances to sleep with Bay Leaves and test the Legend of Saint Valentine! Just look him up and find another one of his celebratory dates. Buying Bay Leaves and following one of Saint Valentines’ Legends will not break the bank, like tomorrow’s Saint Valentine’s Day might. Just sayin’….

     My nephew Nick was known for saying “I’m in love with love.” Go ahead, try and follow Nick’s philosophy for one of Saint Valentine’s Days Days! Tomorrow and every day you can! It’s worth it. You. Are. Worth. It. 

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