Ciao! I'm off to Rome!

Ciao! I'm off to Rome!

Hello Everyone:

     Here’s our last note before we board the plane for the Canonizations at the Vatican this weekend. We’ve received your envelopes and have taken notes and think we can find most of the items you have requested.  Emphasizing “most!”

     Just a reminder that there are 4 ways to follow Rob’s trip - hopefully they will all be active though it’s hard to be sure whether satellites and transmittal devices will be working as well as expected. When we went to Saint John Paul II Canonization it was hard to send data because everyone in Poland was in Rome for the event (not too big of an exaggeration).

     So, keep up-to-date with the trip in the 4 following ways:

          1. Saints for Sinners on Facebook - Click Here to Follow

          2. SaintsforSinners on Instagram - Click Here to Follow

          3. SaintforSinner on Twitter - Click here to follow

          4. Relax, do nothing and wait for a newsletter to revisit and tell stories about the trip!

     Just so you know, the posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will likely be different from each other, so if you're really curious, be sure to follow on all three accounts. Or, you can make it simple and just wait and we'll tell you as much as you need to know when Rob gets back.

     Please DO share our social media sites with your friends, families and co-workers. Social Media is a great mechanism that lets us communicate better, and ultimately increase sales that allow us to offer “Free Items” as much as we possibly can.

     You can still place orders anytime because Emily is ready and able to get the Saint medal packages out right away.  We appreciate the orders that will come in, as we get ready to buy and send the free souvenirs from the trip!

     Thanks - “Arrividerci!” Rob is so excited to go to Rome and share the adventure with you as much as he can!

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