Saint Bridget's Diary, Let's Laugh Day

Saint Bridget's Diary, Let's Laugh Day

Hello Everyone –

     It’s always exciting when we see our hand-painted saint medals become part of a different design.

     TISCH Jewelry Werks has begun offering our medals incorporated into their jewelry.

     Our Saint Brigid medal looks beautiful surrounded by precious gems – maybe they are stones – we don’t know – but the finished product is stunning!

     Visit TISCH Jewelry Werks and find our bright Saint Brigid and Arch Angel Michael, enhancing and become part of their wearable art!

     We’re busy working on a new advertising campaign. Details coming soon.

     OH! this is pretty funny - we almost forgot - today is "Let's Laugh Day!" 

     Saint Philip Neri is known as the patron saint of Pratcal Jokers. So, in keeping with let's laugh day, we will send Saint Philip Neri as lagniappe with every order we receive through Sunday, March 21, 2021. And if you decide to order saint Philip Neri, we will send you another as a "TWOFER!"

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