Day 26 of Lent 2023💰 Saint Expedite - "The Money Saint"

Day 26 of Lent 2023💰 Saint Expedite - "The Money Saint"

     Saint Expedite, Patron of Emergencies caused by our procrastinations, is our Saint for today! Turn to Expedite when you are in dire need of speedy solutions.

     Little is known about Expedite although his story is celebrated throughout the world. We saw him under glass in Europe but his backstory (at least one of them) lies right here in New Orleans. 

      The story goes that the cadaver of Saint Expedite arrived in a wooden box at the Our Lady of Guadalupe chapel on North Rampart St. with the word “ Expedito ” (which may or may not have been intended to indicate it was a rush order) scribbled across the side. Inside were the relics of an unknown soldier. The Nuns decided “ Everything Happens for a Reason ” and Declared him Saint Expedite. To this day Our Lady of Guadalupe still draws devotees of St. Expedite who are in need of speedy relief. 

     Over the years his story and image have transformed quite a bit and many call him the “ Money Saint. ” Saint Expedite may be the right saint to ask for intercession when dealing with emergencies and procrastination but also while picking your Lotto Numbers or gambling at the Casino. But expedite is not the Saint best known for gamblers. Saint Cayetano and his story will be coming soon!

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