February 5th 🎗️ Celebrating Saint Agatha of Sicily

February 5th 🎗️ Celebrating Saint Agatha of Sicily

Patron for the Cure of Breast Cancer

      We would like to say thank you to Terry Jones at CatholicSaints.info, our favorite website with notes about our extended family in heaven. Terry has included Saint for Sinners on his web page devoted to Saint Agatha. February 5th is just around the corner and we’re reminded of Saint Agatha of Sicily, patroness of breast cancer patients and nurses (along with many other patronages about healing). 

      Agatha was a healer. She was imprisoned because of her faith. She was brutally tortured and ordered to join a brothel. Agatha never accepted one “customer”. Her breasts were dismembered, and she was left to suffer alone in jail. Legend says that Saint Peter came to her cell, restored her health entirely, and then set her free. Soon after she was recaptured. 

      When the volcanoes of Mount Etna erupted, Saint Agatha thwarted their destruction as part of her dying wish. 

      Celebrate the life and healing ways of Saint Agatha of Sicily by donating to help in the fight against breast cancer and for finding a cure! Wear pink and talk about the illness of breast cancer throughout your day. Remind yourself and reflect about those afflicted with all forms of cancer. Praise Saint Agatha, who has brought comfort to many people enduring the illness of breast cancer.

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