Free Pen & Bottle Opener Offer

Free Pen & Bottle Opener Offer

This is a very short note to say "hi" and offer a free pen to anyone who would like one! Just reply to this e-mail, include your mailing address and we will send one to you right away. Also, if anyone would like the bottle opener, shown above, it is also available to anyone who buys a medal, "while supplies last."

Last, but not least, we need to apologize about the "Who's Your Saint?" Patron Saint Quiz disappearing from the web site. We are working on getting it back. When we switched to our new host server ( we lost some data. That was our fault, not theirs. If we failed to respond to e-mail or an order, please let us know and we will fix the problem and also send some extras. From now on, things should run much more smoothly, thanks to Jack's help at Elliptical-hosting.

Feel free to call me anytime with any questions, comments or suggestions.  We'll be sending another e-mail in a few weeks outlining our plans for the trip to the patron saint of cyclists, Basilica of Madonna Ghisallo in Italy. If you know a motorcycle or bike-riding fan, direct them to the site soon so they can be notified about our trip and sign up to get a free Rosary from the Our Lady of Ghisallo shrine.

That's all for now - we will send the free pens out right away. Thanks for reading to the bottom line!

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