We Have New Medals & New Lists

We Have New Medals & New Lists

We have a lot of new things to let you know about but since it is early August and everyone is away or on vacation as a “StayCation” because of this Corona19, we will wait and send another note with further details.

Until then, here are a few fun facts:

A lady in Germany asked whether we had a list of that saints stating what their patronages were and we realized we do not have the list on the website, which is a huge mistake on rob’s part, but it is fixed now. Because …

We have now attached two lists with explanations on the SaintsforSinners website. One is a list of most the saints we have available and the other is a list of topics that the saints cover, protect, help or inform. So, take a look at the saints in alphabetical order on the list or pick your topic. If you think of messaging as topic, for example, you will see that Arch Angel Gabriel is the “Go To” Guy for help with messaging. And he is also the Patron Saint of the United States Post Office. And he is logically also the Patron Saint of Text Messaging, so obviously he is very busy nowadays.

Or, just look at your church’s saint name and see what some of its patronages are and you may be surprised. Some of these saints have a lot of different topics they cover. Of course, we could never list every single topic for every single saint we have available. We can, however, get your explanations and edits to update and update and update to make the list better time and time again.

For now though, you will see the first draft of lists of our saints, by name, and our list of saints by patronage topics. Thanks to our friend in Germany for helping us realize we did not have these lists up on the website. We do have nice flyers we give to our retail stores, so that helps them with their ordering, but we really should have had the list for those of you getting the newsletter too!


We have 3 new saint medals, even though Pier Giorgio Frassaiti is not quite a saint yet but when he is canonized we will be there for his canonization unless COVID19 messes up the plans.

1. Saint Anne de Beaupre, the Grandmother of Jesus, so obviously, the Patron Saint of Grandmothers!

2. Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, nicknamed “Terror” because he was a practical joker. He is known for studying the writings of Saint Catherine of Siena (“The Dialog,” which she dictated because she was illiterate). You probably recall we designated Saint Catherine of Siena as our “GIRL POWER” Saint. He also studied Saint Thomas Aquinas. Pier was actually not that great of a student and he was better known as a very gifted athlete and mountain climber. We will definitely be writing more about Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati soon!

3. Saint Apollonia, Patron Saint of Dentists, Oral Surgeons and Orthodontists, invoked against cavities. We know Saint Apollonia has been on our list for a long time. However, this new medal we have has “Apollonia Ora Pro Nobis,” which is "Apollonia Pray for Us in Latin." It also has a Cathedral on the back in “Lezat,” which means "delicious" in Indonesia but is also a part of land in Eastern France. This new saint Apollonia medal is going to look terrific once we are done designing.


Yesterday, a man named Nick asked whether he could pick the saints that we put on the hand-painted flood or repurposed crosses. The answer is “Yes!” Just list the saints you would like on your cross and we will send to you. Please give us a few extra saintly options though. We can’t guarantee we will have every saint you want but we probably can do it if you give us some leeway. Remember, we have the 100 % money back guarantee on all items so, if we don’t get it right the first time (that’s the main thing) we will just keep trying until we get it right.


We are designing a really cool box. They are hand-painted and all one-of-a-kind, just like our hand-painted saint medals. Here is a sneak peek of a Saint Jude box. It is not quite ready.

So, you might be thinking that we are just writing about things that are not ready to be offered on the website. That is true. We wanted to take a moment to say we are excited about these new ideas we have and realize that there’s a “Silver Lining” to the COVID19 pandemic. Let’s hope we can all find that Silver Lining and take this time to think, reflect and come up with new ideas!

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