Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to All!

     We are hoping things will start to get better with the COVID situation. Keep praying to or with Saint Rocco and Saint Sebastian for their Intercession.

     Ask those Miracle Making Saints, like Saint Charbel and Saint John Paul II, and the many others to help us all manage through this difficult time. We are thinking Saint Charbel ( sometimes known as Sharbel ) is a worthy Saint to reach out to now. Saint Charbel helps with paralysis and it seems we are all a bit frozen and paralyzed, in a sense, due to the Pandemic.

     Arch Angel Raphael brings us health, healing, love and perhaps most importantly he facilitates “Happy Meetings” so ask him to help the Scientists with work on providing a vaccine.

     Arch Angel Gabriel the Messenger brings the “Good News” so let’s ask him to get busy and let us know the end of this ordeal is in sight.

     We are always grateful you are interested in our unique and offbeat Ministry. We are particularly thankful to all of you for the help, encouragement and guidance you nurture. Happy Thanksgiving!

     One last thing: we received an inquiry from a lady who visited the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington. She said she didn’t see our medals! I talked with Amy at the Basilica. The medals are in the gift shop! It’s easy to miss an item or two when you visit there; the shop is full of treasures. Our medals are there though!

     The entire Basilica has to limit visitors to 50 people at a time. Hopefully that will change sometime soon! Keep the Faith. Things will be better soon. As Susan Cowsill from The Cowsills sings: Just Believe It!

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