Report on Hurricane Zeta, "It's Raining Medals!", and Touchdown Jesus at The University of Notre Dame

Report on Hurricane Zeta, "It's Raining Medals!", and Touchdown Jesus at The University of Notre Dame

Hurricane Zeta Report & Its Aftermath

       Just when we thought we had survived the Hurricane Season for 2020, we wound getting hit hard by the 32nd Hurricane, Zeta, the 6th letter of the Greek Alphabet.

       We lost some parts of the siding of our house, and electricity was down for over 100,000 homes, but we were fortunate to have nearly continuous power, even though our neighbors on the other side of our street are still without electricity.  Our house and Studio became “Charging Stations” for phones, tablets, computers and golf carts!

       “It’s Raining Medals!”

       We had our nephews with us while their house was without power. They are always fascinated with the SaintsforSinners medals. Sometimes when they visit, their Mom, Casey, will text a picture of the medals they put in their pockets to take home!

       I thought I’d ask the boys to help organize some of the hundreds of stray medals and they were excited to help. They found a way for medals to rain from above, “It’s Raining Medals!”



       We have been working on the 100th Anniversary Our Lady of Fatima medals and JP2 – the Saint John Paul II medals we found in Rome while we were there for his canonization. We’re very happy with our results!


       We found beautiful Miraculous Medals that shine so bright! It makes us want to go visit Saint Mary Catherine Laboure and Saint Margaret  D’Youville who lay under glass in Paris at the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal in Paris. It does not seem like we will be traveling to anywhere in Europe though since most of the continent  is once again on lockdown due to COVID19. We’re still praying to Saint Rocco for help with curtailing this pandemic. And asking for help from Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, Saint Blaise, Saint Bernadino, Saint Albert and all the other saints.


       Football Season seems to be officially back once again and we have been selling Touchdown Jesus medals. Y’all recall that the Touchdown Jesus Mural by Millard Sheets is on the wall of the Hesburgh Library at THE University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

       The medal pictured featured is in New Orleans Saints Black & Gold but we have Touchdown Jesus in lots of team football colors. The New Orleans Rapper “Lil Wayne” has ordered Touchdown Jesus medals in Green and Yellow. Lil Wayne is from New Orleans but is a huge Green Bay Packers fan. We don’t know why. We're just happy to know he has been seen wearing our medals, along with lots of his other “bling.”

       Thanks for checking in with us before, during and after Hurricane Zeta. Hopefully Zeta will be the last named Hurricane of the Season!


       Some of you asked about faster mailing for the saint medal packages. We use the USPS and Arch Angel Gabriel to get your packages out as soon as possible. First Class mailing with USPS tracking is our standard method. We do have PRIORITY & OVERNIGHT MAIL options available too but the typical USPS First Class Mail Option seems to work very well.


       We are happy to announce that we have several new newsletter subscribers! Many people have taken the "Who's Your Saint Quiz." Thanks for spreading the word and inviting others to join the newsletter mailing list! Although we did lose a few subscribers weeks ago, it is refreshing to see that new orders and new people are on our list, thanks to you!

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