I'm in Love with Love

I'm in Love with Love

     Today’s post is one where I am basically, tiptoeing into the wet and somewhat scary “Blog Pool.” It’s exciting to be able to be able to share thoughts, musings, ideas, and tales about the saints and how they always fit into our lives. It’s scary too, because I intend to be as honest as I can be.  “RUT ROH!”

      The photo is an older picture of my niece and nephew, Casey and Nick. They’re both wearing saint medals. I’m sure Nick is wearing Saint Francis of Assisi, patron of animal lovers, not just because that’s his Confirmation saint, but also because Nick simply loved that medal.  He always, always, wore it. He never took it off. After this photo was taken, Nick passed away.

     One of the funny things (except not so funny, after all) about succeeding is that although success and accolades can arrive in abundance, as you get older, and experience loss, the taste of success is not so sweet.  I think David Bowie even wrote a song about it, “Changes”

Still don’t know what I was waiting for
And my time was running wild
Lots of dead-end streets
Every time I thought I had got it made
It seemed the taste was not so sweet
So, I turned myself to face me
But I have never caught a glimpse
How the others must see the faker
I’m much too fast to take that test


     And that song comes to mind as I start this blog. Any success or happiness I have will always be tinged with a bit of sadness because I cannot share it with Nick. He was my, and SaintsforSinners’s biggest fan. He helped me in immeasurable ways. Always. It’s no wonder one of his quotes is remembered as “I’m in love with love.” He really was in love with love and he shared it fully, completely, and selflessly. There’s a lesson from Nick to all of us.

     The Arch Angel Gabriel is said to bring good news. He’s also the patron of the United States Post Office and helps the mail carriers deliver your messages. I‘ve embellished to say saint Gabriel is the patron of text messaging. That’s not much of an embellishment. The Angel Gabriel makes me think of my niece, Casey. She’s my Good News Gal. Always. So sage and wiser than her years. If ever I need help or guidance or perspective, I can call on Casey, and she can turn things upside down to make me see the good news, the silver linings. I am so blessed and thankful to have Casey and all of her family in my life.

     Please stop by and visit the blog from time to time. Please share your thoughts, experiences, sadness and joys.  It’s scary but I’m mostly happy to be sharing these thoughts with you. I feel as though things are definitely looking up! Although the taste is not so sweet, I’m still grateful. Thank you Saint Gabriel.  Thank you, Nick.


  • Ann

    ❤️❤️ Great idea to blog Rob. Love this. Loved Nick and trust me he loves watching over you and all your success with Saints For Sinners. ❤️❤️

  • Elizabeth

    Rob – so excited to see your blog. Ten years ago you were one of my biggest encouragers to start my blog and I am so glad I did. XO, Elizabeth

  • Susan

    Such a moving story…..we all get wrapped up in our day to day lives….we need to stop…even for a few simple moments….and breath it all in….say thank you..I appreciate you…OMG you folded the laundry…delicious dinner….and must important…I love you….I look forward to reading your next post ❣️

  • Moorsey

    Wow, beautiful but sad. It makes you think that life really is short & appreciate everything & everyone you have or had in your life. He must have been an amazing person. Thank you for that story & I will continue to try to always look for that silver lining. Much success ❤💜

  • Kuveek

    Rob I can honestly say this story is truly beautiful and humbling. When we deal with sadness and loss we learn to Love in a whole new way, from the whole heart💜 . I look forward to following you on this journey as I have on many other (hee hee) I love you my friend

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