Introducing Emily + Rob's Big Excitement!

Introducing Emily + Rob's Big Excitement!

Hi SaintsforSinners Community!

I’m Emily, Rob’s assistant and girl behind the scenes keeping things organized. I started working with Rob earlier this summer and have enjoyed learning about each of these medals, the process each one undergoes to become an extraordinarily beautiful piece of art, and how they resonate with each person who buys one. I love being out and about and talking to people about what I do for a living (cause if you know anything about me, I don’t do just ONE thing!), and them knowing exactly who Rob is and where to purchase his medals. Rob is one of the most genuine guys and I’m so excited to be a part of his team!

As I’ve been working here, I’ve gotten to know a lot more about the saints and started to choose favorites. Right now, my two favorite medals are Saint Philomena and Saint Therese of Lisieux. Both of these medals instantly stood out to me when laid among the others, but once I started to understand them more fully, it sunk in as to why. Saint Philomena is the patroness of expectant mothers, newborns & infants, invoked for special favors, graces and miracles. I guess the reason she stood out so much was because so many of my friends are starting families and I want to wish them healthy pregnancies and children. Also, I am obsessed with yoga and my favorite studio is Grace Pilates + Yoga, so she seemed fitting for current happenings in my life. Saint Therese of Lisieux was one Rob pointed out to me because she’s also called “Little Flower” and our painters really make the little flowers on her medal shine bright. But, after reading her story, I understood that she’s a constant reminder to enjoy the simple things, to be joyous and tranquil in life. Therese was known for enjoying simple conversations with friends and family and just spending time listening and sharing moments, the same simple pleasures I too enjoy! I’m sure as the seasons change, I’ll find a new favorite, and I’ll be sure to share with you who and why!

Rob is currently vacationing and wanted me to share his biggest excitement of his trip – he saw the Archangel Uriel #4 statue in Copenhagen. This picture was taken by Rob, just this past week. Uriel is the archangel of repentance, and the fourth angel along with Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. Stay tuned for more updates from Rob’s trip, or follow him on Instagram to catch everything in real time (@saintsforsinners).

In other big news, we’ve been working extremely hard on updating our website with new blog posts, and also adding in our older newsletters you may have missed. We aren’t quite finished uploading them all (he has YEARS worth!!) and we’re adding a few new and exciting pages to our site, so make to check back periodically as we get all of this information to you!

It was fun taking the reins and posting on Rob’s behalf, but he’ll be back soon with that promised BIG NEWS he teased you about a few weeks back!



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  • SHARON svihla

    Hi Rob + Emily – Just some friendly Catholic info …
    I use to do Yoga for exercise until I found out what it was truly about -

    Love the Necklaces !
    Thank You Sharon:)

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