It is Midnight on May 1 so it is time for celebrating the Feast Day of Saint Peregrine the Miracle Worker, Invoked for Awareness of Cancers of All Kinds & the Need for Cures

It is Midnight on May 1 so it is time for celebrating the Feast Day of Saint Peregrine the Miracle Worker, Invoked for Awareness of Cancers of All Kinds & the Need for Cures

Hello Everyone –

     Congratulations to Doug C. in Cornelius, NC. Doug won the sterling silver Saint Luke necklace & medal. 

     This will be a pretty short note. [edit from Emily: or so he says...] We just couldn’t let May 1 go by without noting that it’s the traditional Catholic Feast Day of Saint Peregrine. You surely don’t need to be Catholic to appreciate the story of Saint Peregrine.

     Peregrine was quite a character, there’s no doubt about that! Back in his day there were different religious groups, just like today, actually. There were contentious factions and they argued about who had the “Most Holy” religion (just like today).

     This guy Philip wanted Peregrine to join his Religious Order (kind of like pledging in a fraternity if you think about it) but Peregrine didn’t want to, and Philip and Peregrine got into a huge argument. It got pretty ugly and Peregrine punched Philip in the face, which was not very nice.

     Later, Peregrine had a guilty conscience about what he did, so he “did the right thing.” He walked with his “cap in hand” and a downturned face and apologized. Philip said, “Oh don’t worry about it, Perry. Bygones!” and then Phillip brilliantly followed up with, “So, do you want to join my Religious Order?” And Peregrine said yes and then he and Phillip became BFFs, also known as "fast friends.”

     Peregrine was still feeling guilty though, so he gave himself an extra punishment by declaring he would never, ever sit again. Seems a bit extreme but we weren’t involved, so “who are we to judge?” Time marched on, as it does, and standing Peregrine noticed he had a bump on his knee. So, he went to the doctor, who saw him for free (since Blue Cross Blue Shield didn’t exist yet) and the doctor gave his diagnosis.

     The doctor told Peregrine that his knee was so infected with cancer, it would need to be amputated. So, they scheduled the surgery for the next morning at the hospital. Peregrine went home and prayed and prayed for help with his leg.

     The next morning, Peregrine’s prayers were answered! The cancer was gone, and he did not have to have his leg amputated after all. Time marched on again and now Saint Peregrine is known as a saint invoked against cancers. He is credited as a Miracle Worker.

     Many pray to Saint Peregrine for relief and cures from cancer. He saves some people possibly hopefully. Still, many cancers exist and even though not everyone gets cured, Peregrine at least offers hope and comfort.

     Saint Peregrine even helps raise money in the fight against cancer. My friend Phil is a cancer survivor! He participates in the Relay for Life and one time designated his group and named it after Saint Peregrine, who he wears, to this day! I’ve tried to give him a new one, but he will not take it because he likes the one he has, even though it looks pretty worn.

     Think of Saint Peregrine today. Pray for cures from cancer. Here’s another idea: the next time a politician begs you for money, say “thanks, I’m going to make a donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (or any other charity that help people with cancer) in your name!” Pray and pray and ask for some of the millions and millions and millions of dollars raised for meaningless propaganda goes to Scientists instead.

     It’s sad so much money is wasted on frivolous agendas, when a lot of that money could be used to help find cancer cures. Ask Saint Peregrine to help us change our priorities and put medical research and study on a higher pedestal. If we follow the determinations like Saint Peregrine did, maybe we can find a cure.

Hand-Painted Saint Peregrine Clasped Medals

     Finally, if anyone wants a free unpainted “naked” (we call them naked) medal of Saint Peregrine, send a note and we will send one to you.  Celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Peregrine today and pray for cures and heightened awareness.  We need more than “Miracle Workers.” We need Calls for Action seeking cures from cancer.

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  • Phil

    Happy saint peregrines day!
    Thank you for the medal and the love.

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