Just 3 Quick Notes for You

Just 3 Quick Notes for You


Just 3 Quick Notes for You:

1.     Father’s Day is coming up and if you order soon today, or tomorrow (and actually even this weekend because we work and we mail on weekends) you should receive your hand-painted saint medal package by Friday, June 26th, at the latest. Since our address labels are all coming out of the computer and printed on stickers, they seem to go to the front of the mailing “line,” unlike stamped mail. It probably has something to do with COVID19 but our packages are moving quickly because the forms are computer generated.

2.     Scratch Montana and Utah off our list of states we have not mailed medals to yet! I thought that the Utah order from Madeline M. was Utah's very first. The Utah order from Madeline M. came in on its own. We just mailed hand-painted saint medal packages to Bullfrog, Utah! Ribbit!*

The Montana medal order came in with the help of one of favorite people, Don Dixon. Don read the private email that stated we have not mailed to Montana yet, so he ordered one to be sent to his friend Eric H. in Butte, Montana. That is so nice! Thank you, Don. We are so excited to be mailing our medals to Bullfrog & Butte! (You can't make this stuff up.)

3.     Someone finally ordered the Pieta medal. Here is a picture!

We had to write the story because no one ever ordered The Pieta before, as far as we can recall. The medals came out great and the story was fun to write. I have seen the Pieta in Vatican City, Rome, but I did not know that the Blessed Virgin Mary’s eyelid broke off and they had to fix it over 20 times before they were happy with the way it turned out. Another fun fact: after Michelangelo finished making the Pieta, he heard someone say that someone else made it. So, he carved his name into Mary's sash so that didn't happen again.

It is truly bizarre and presumptuous that I’m comparing SaintsforSinners to the work of Michelangelo, but sometimes we have to try painting a saint medal 20 times before we are happy with the way the medal turns out. And I have written some of the saint medal stories lots and lots of times and some I think are still not too great and need to be fixed!

So, order your Father’s Day Gifts. We are still doing our secret special offer thing with each order and lots of people have written to say they have been following and implementing our idea. Wow – it has only taken around 25 years for the original SaintsforSinners concept to catch on.

That shows that you should never quit. Always keep trying. And trying. We are very happy to be mailing a Saint Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney medal package today. He is known as the Cure D’Ars. The Confessor of Ours in Provence, France.

Jean Marie wanted to be a Priest but everyone said “No, you can’t” or “Maybe you should be a cobbler because you are not going to be a Priest” or “No Way, Nope, Sorry, You’re not going to be a priest. Ever."

Saint Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney, the Cure D’Ars did become a priest and he heard the confessions of thousands. He had a great life as a priest. He had a childlike devotion to Saint Philomena but I do not know much more to say about that (yet).

So that’s it for this newsletter; remember the fixers of Mary’s eyelid on the Pieta, and our concept of sharing serenity at SaintsforSinners, and the life and determination of Saint Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney, the Cure D’Ars. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, and try again!” You can do it!

*So it turns out Emily found out that we actually did send a hand-painted saint medal package to Madeline M. last year. So, we have mailed saint medals to Bullfrog, Utah, not once, but twice. Ribbit! Ribbit!


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